Weeds suck.

I love working in my yard and creating a nice-looking landscape. Which is why I hate weeds! They are ugly. They are unwanted. And the thing I hate most is that, unlike the lawn and flowers and shrubs, they need no assistance or attention in order to flourish. In fact, the less attention they get, the better they seem to do. They don’t even need water! Trust me, I know—I live in California! Left to their own devices, they will suck the life out of all the surrounding landscaping. What’s worse is that if one weed starts to spread, other types and varieties start to move in and spring up, too. Vigilance is required to keep them at bay.

This provides an interesting metaphor for our lives. Our thoughts, our habits, and our actions can all be overcome by “weeds” if we leave them unattended. Weeds like discouragement, procrastination, or  watching TV versus listening to an edifying podcast. Weeds like envy, not setting goals, or dietary choices. And like real weeds, they need no assistance or watering to spring up and flourish.

For me, I have intended for the longest time to start my day off with meditation and prayer. But being the first to get up in the mornings in a household of six, it was so easy to turn on the TV for “just a few minutes”, to “wake up”. And then I could start my devotional time. Do I even need to tell you how that ended? Devotional time? Not a chance, especially once everyone else starts getting up to get their day going. So I had to focus on that habit and be intentional about not only setting an appointment for myself and God each morning, but also intentional about keeping that appointment. Now, instead of stumbling to the sofa, I stumble to the kitchen table, get my coffee going, and dive in. And the results have been amazing. And that weed of habit is eradicated—for now. It tries to break through every so often and spring up again, but I don’t want to lose that ground again.

So get out of the weeds. Pick one. Identify a strategy for eradicating it and be intentional about implementing that strategy. Once that one is under control, pick another. And so on. Don’t let the “weeds” ruin the landscape of your life. There are so many possibilities for a more beautiful result. Vigilance is required.

For your advantage,



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