Flip the Switch: 4 Steps to “Becoming”

Imagine two lightbulbs sitting in a light fixture and one says to the other, “someday I want to be a lightbulb.” (yes, they can talk. We’re imagining, remember?)

And imagine the other one saying, “You ARE a lightbulb. Just flip the switch.” So he flips the switch and light bursts forth.

Now, before we start running down the philosophical rabbit trail about when he became a lightbulb—was it when he was created or when he was illuminated—all I’m suggesting is that on the surface, I think it’s an appropriate metaphor for some of the aspirations in our lives.

Jeff Goins is a successful author who is very candid about when he got focused on writing and pursuing writing as a career. Before he had even written his first book, he confided to a friend that he “wanted” to be a writer. His friend pushed back and said, “Jeff, you ARE a writer.” That’s when his switch was flipped (I know—I had to read it slowly a couple times too). He had already been writing in his journal and on his blog. So in truth, he WAS a writer. And from that point forward, he not only began referring to himself as a writer, but he started acting like a writer. Disciplining himself to write every day, mastering his craft, etc. He now has four books and thousands of tribe members under his belt.

So what is you “want” to be, and are you already DOING it? If so, flip the switch from “wanting” to “being” in four steps:

  1. Identify it: what is it you keep saying you “aspire” to? Is it a writer, blogger, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, business owner, or other “fill in the blank”?
  2. Find it: are there evidences of it in what you are currently doing or striving to do? If so, either find it in your activity or add it. Then you can:
  3. Claim it: Flip the switch from “I want to be…” to “I am…” (Zig Ziglar calls this “changing the picture”)
  4. Be it: Now that you are, start acting like it. Since you are now a writer or a business owner, etc., how does a writer or business owner think? How do they act? What do they do each day? In short, adopt the mindset and put it into action.

This is a powerful and empowering practice. Take it. Use it. Flip the switch. Good luck.

What switch do you need to flip?


For your advantage,


PS–This probably goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. I am not suggesting that if you want to be a doctor (or any other type of profession that requires advanced training and education), that you start calling yourself a doctor and walk into the operating room and start surgery. But you can flip the switch from saying “i want to be a medical student” to “i am a medical student” and start acting like a medical student, even if you’re not in medical school yet. This might look like good study habits, self-discipline, ethical behavior, etc. Make sense?




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