What does “hustle” mean to you?

This word has reached “critical mass” in my head, and it’s time I did something about it. 

You know how when something comes to the top of your mind or awareness, then it seems like it’s suddenly all over the place? Like when you notice a special car for the first time—like a silver Camaro with black Shelby racing stripes—then all of a sudden it seems like they are all over the place. I’ve noticed this phenomenon recently with retro California license plates—the black ones with the yellow numbers and letters! Usually, these types of plates were limited to older cards from before the 1980’s. But I saw one recently on a newer model car. A vanity plate, even. And then another. And another. And now I see them all the time. It’s strange.

I’ve also noticed it recently with the word “hustle”. It seems to be used a lot. Or at least I’m noticing it more. I hear it at my youngest son’s soccer games, and I used to tell my older kids to hustle all the time at their sporting events. But I’ve also heard it on podcasts and read it on message boards with regard to entrepreneurial endeavors. And Jon Acuff has a coaching program devoted to 30 Days of Hustle.

So the word has a lot of applications—but I think the meaning is fairly consistent across the board. In a generic sense, I think it means to put your head down, work hard, be consistent and persistent.

As I look back at my life, I can recall times when I hustled compared to other seasons where I sorta just coasted.

So I’m curious: what does hustle mean to you? Is it something that is sustainable, or is it something that can only be done in short bursts? Can it be applied to any and all areas of our lives, or is it something that’s only relevant to athletics or careers?

I may camp out on this topic for awhile. I’m curious and I want to explore it. I invite you to join me.

For your advantage,


Please add your thoughts and/or comments below. I would love to start a dialogue on this.


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