“Hustle” is a mindset, part 2

Yesterday, I started a post about “hustle” and the traits of someone who is demonstrating that mindset.

Here’s a brief recap of the acronym I started:

H = Hungry.

U = Urgency.

S = Singular focus/objective.

Here’s the rest of my acronym:

T = Time Management. When we are in the midst of hustling, there are certain actions and tasks that need to be completed. Anything else is potentially just distractions. The challenge is that sometimes the object of our hustle may conflict with other priorities or responsibilities we may have. For example, maybe you have a day job and are trying to get another business or project going on the side. (aka “side hustle”). Your day job is obviously a major responsibility that needs priority attention. But the side hustle is important, too. That’s where the time management comes in. Attending to the day job and working the side hustle in the margin may require that you cut out the two nights of softball and/or the NFL Ticket Channels on Sundays. If you’re Hungry, have Urgency and that Singular focus on your side hustle, you’ll be able to identify what deserves your time and what needs to be cut out or paused.

L = Learn. Don’t forget to learn as you go. Sometimes we can pretend or act like we’re hustling by just looking busy. And sometimes we can even get stuff accomplished. But it can provide great insights too. So take advantage of those. Learn what’s working. Learn what’s not working. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Learn about what energizes you versus what drains you. Learn how to recognize the opportunities your hustle might be uncovering and then how to use your momentum to springboard into those other opportunities.

E = Execute. We can have all the best intentions of hustling and still not do anything. We can be hungry and feel urgency. We can have a singular focus and know where we need to manage our time. We can promise to learn as we go. But if we don’t execute, if we don’t take action, none of that matters. There’s a story told of a father telling his son the parable about the five frogs sitting on the log and four of them decided to jump. “How many frogs are left on the log,” the father asks. “One,” says the son, quickly. “Nope,” dad says. The boy looks at him, confused. The dad explains, “There are still five. Because deciding to jump and actually jumping are two very different things.”

I encourage you to pick one thing from your mile-long list of things you want or need to do. Pick one thing that you want to get done or improve in. That one thing you’ve been putting off that is at the top of your “hunger” list. Choose to hustle at it this month. You can do it!

For your advantage,


I hope this is helpful. I’d like to hear your feedback. Which of these resonate with you? Are there any traits that you think should be added or changed?



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