Why can’t every day be Friday?

Or better yet–Saturday??

It’s not hard to find people who don’t like their job. Bashing your job and/or work is often a quick way to find common ground and we always hear statistics on how many people are unhappy with their job. In fact, I was reminded this morning that Adam and Eve often get blamed for work even being a thing. People like to say that work was created after the Fall, when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

But the truth is that we were created for work. Genesis 2:15 says that “God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” (ESV) God created the garden, and then created Adam and Eve to take care of it. And when they weren’t gardening, they got to name all the animals!

And then things went sideways when they disobeyed God, and THAT is where work got the bad rap. In Genesis 3:17-19, we read that God cursed the ground they would be working, that it would provide thorns and thistles, and that they would have pain and sweat while working. (So, thanks Adam and Eve.)

But my point is that God created work. And He set the example for us by working six days and resting the seventh. And He is still at work today.

Everything God created has value and purpose. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy. Therefore, since He created work, work has value and purpose. And if that’s true, what does that look like?

Reflect on that today and be blessed. Let’s talk more tomorrow.

For your advantage,



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