The Chatter In Here is Relentless…

I’ve been awakened to all the noise going on in my head and it’s very eye-opening! 

I’ve picked up The Magic of Thinking Big again, to reread for at least the third or fourth time, and the first chapter is a figurative punch in the mouth! I wrote about it yesterday–the part about the two foremen in our thought factory who are ready and willing to work at the snap of a finger. Mr. Triumph will be the positive, can-do cheerleader and solution provider. Mr. Defeat will be the negative, can’t do, naysayer and red-flag bearer. And they only work when summoned by us, even if only by the slightest signal.

For example, if we are faced with an opportunity and start to think about how we could take advantage of it, Mr. Triumph will step up and continue to build us up with the possibilities and our ability to tackle it and succeed. For as long as we allow him. Equally ready to discourage us is Mr. Defeat, who will step up and tell us all the reasons we shouldn’t do it and/or couldn’t succeed at it. IF we allow him.

Being reminded of this dynamic going on silently in my head has made me aware of how much back and forth there is (Yes, these are the voices in my head. Don’t judge me. You know you have them too). There are several opportunities on my radar right now and I’ve noticed that my tendency is to get excited about them and play out the possible scenarios and results on the plus side, but then I excuse Mr. Triumph and call Mr. Defeat into my mental “office” and start listening to him explain to me all the reasons I couldn’t possibly succeed. And then I slump back into my chair, which represents the status quo.

But now that I am aware of these two “employees”, I have tried to be more intentional about giving Mr. Triumph more air time. I want to strengthen him. I want to empower him. I want to give him more time to speak and listen more to what he has to say. I’m tired of listening to Mr. Defeat and being defeated. I have more to offer and more to achieve than what he has led me to believe up to this point in my life. I am more capable and more valuable than he has given me credit for. And so are you!

For your advantage,



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