What is Brian up to? Here’s what I am doing right now:

Reading and Meditating on:

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big — by David J. Schwartz

I am rereading this book for at least the third or fourth time–maybe more! It is a classic and its words and principles are fascinating.




The Holy Bible (NIV version)

This is another timeless classic, obviously. So what does the Bible say about our thought life? Our work ethic? Success? These are the topics I am pondering and exploring. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.



In addition to reading and meditating on the material above, I am also working on:

–Getting our new home settled and set up;

–Learning how to improve my blog;


–Exploring the craft of copywriting, editing, and digital publishing;

–Losing 20 pounds;

As things change, I will update this page. (Last updated November 2016)


(Just a quick heads-up: the links to the books mentioned above are affiliate links, which just means that if you click on the links and decide to purchase any of them, I will receive a small a commission, at no extra charge to you. Thank You in advance if you decide to do so!).