Career Mirror

Are you in a job or career that is unfulfilling? Do you feel like maybe it’s not a good fit anymore, if it ever was to begin with? Do you feel like you’re not living out your potential?

Or maybe you’re considering your first career path and when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, you’re eyes sorta glaze over because you’re overwhelmed with all the choices?

If you’re in either of those places, let me suggest that you try looking in the mirror! Wait… stay with me and let me explain…

Consider this: when you’re trying on new clothes, you look in the mirror to see how they fit and how they look, right? You turn from side to side, and look at yourself from head to toe to assess them. And how they fit and look is determined by things like the color tones of your skin and hair, your build, the shape of your face, etc.

In the same way, your career “fit” can be determined by your personality and behavior preferences, your interests, your skills, gifts, and abilities. All the internal things that make you… uniquely YOU!

And the exciting thing is that we are all uniquely skilled and gifted to fill a role that will provide value and service to others, so that all the jobs get done! Have you ever heard it said at yard sales that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” In the same way, when it comes to jobs and careers, one person’s disdain is another person’s dream!

So if you’re in a job or career you disdain right now, not only do you owe it to yourself and your tribe to advantage up and find your dream job, but you owe it to the person who is dreaming about your current job!

So, whether you’re searching for your first career or your next one, let’s get started looking in the mirror! 

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